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SEPT 22, 2022 | MARTINEZ, CA | 5PM - 8PM

Join us for an intimate networking event as we continue building the most amazing community of women in business!

If we're being honest, entrepreneurship can be lonely, but you don't have to go at it alone.
Having a community of like-minded & equally driven women around you can make all the difference throughout your journey.

What I'm envisioning is an opportunity to make genuine connections.


Our goal is to create a more intimate experience where you, our guest, can have a seat at the table (if you want one) because we know it's not common to be casually invited to have one!


This will be a place where you can empower others by sharing your own experiences & insights in business while also having the opportunity to ask questions of those around you. We'll also have a mind-mapping session where we can share our goals & hold each other accountable moving forward as well as a photographer available for complimentary headshots. 

So, if you're interested in being part of a community where you're more than just a wallflower - you're a part of the conversation - then I hope you join us for our first of many Brought to the Table events.

Interested in attending? Sign-up below!
Single Ticket = $25  |  Comes with dinner, drinks, amazing connections & more!
Do you attend networking events often?
Are you a part of other communities/memberships focused on women in business?
What are you hoping to get out of the event most? (Select all that apply)

Thanks for signing up! We can't wait to host you & get to know you & your story!

* Complimentary food options will be limited however the venue consists of multiple small restaurants you may purchase additional food/drink from.

* Free Street Parking is available around the venue 

Things To Note


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