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As a former jewelry stylist, founder Krystal Jugarap had TONS of jewelry laying around & no real rush to edit down her collection. Of course, the amount of jewelry wasn’t the issue (you can never have too many options). The problem was finding an efficient AND aesthetic way of organizing them. After buying a new display stand every time her jewelry collection grew, things started getting cluttered and chaotic - taking up all the shelf space & looking like a mismatched mess. On top of that, the rest of her statement necklaces stayed stashed in a box because there was no way she was going to buy 5 more neck forms. Queue BOOKofBIJOUX - a unique & tailored solution to storing jewelry that not only looks beautiful when not in use but also saves a ton of space!



Our team has worked tirelessly with our manufacturer to make sure our collection continues to be made with the highest standards. Every centimeter of the design has been carefully thought out to make your experience with our organizers one to rave about. From sampling various materials & testing multiple structural designs to having actual jewelry lovers like yourself try out the product before it hit the market - you can be assured your BOOKofBIJOUX was designed with love, integrity, & intention.



A natural born creative, Krystal always knew she was destined for something bigger in life. She developed the entrepreneurial mindset in her teens. For several years she sold jewelry as an independent stylist & whenever time allows, she enjoys creating DIY videos on YouTube. The mashup of those two passions is what planted the seed for BOOKofBIJOUX. Throw two beautiful daughters into the picture & you get this mega #momboss dedicated to sharing the gift of jewelry organization with the world so that she can one day give the world to her girls & show them anything is possible.

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