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Unfortunately, since our pre-order launch in August of 2021, there have been many obstacles we've been facing on our manufacturing end. Complications due to COVID have also impacted our timeline. With that said, the arrival of our inventory isn't expected for quite some time & we are unable to provide a true estimate of the arrival.

In the meantime, we have our MISPRINTS available to shop which would be a tremendous way to support us during this process. Our "MISPRINT" Collection includes BOOKs that may exhibit aesthetic imperfections such as crooked tabs/text, small marks, etc., however still have the same functionality & customizability of our original BOOKs. 

To shop MISPRINTS, click here.

To be notified when our original BOOKs arrive, click here.

I truly appreciate every ounce of support you all have shown during this time & I'm continuing to work hard behind the scenes to bring you the BOOKs you've all been waiting so patiently for.


Krystal J | Founder 
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