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*MISPRINT ONLY* Delicate Necklace Page

*MISPRINT ONLY* Delicate Necklace Page


With 8 individual tabs along the top of the page as well as sectioned elastic bands,
you'll never have to worry about your beloved necklaces getting tangled ever again.


    Our Delicate Necklace Page can hold at least (8) individual necklaces.


    All of our a la carte pages are fully covered in a faux suede to provide your beloved jewelry with a soft, protective surface to lay on.


    Eight vegan leather tabs with snap buttons allow easy access to store & retrieve necklaces.


    Multiple elastic bands throughout the page are available to secure each necklace down, with individual sections to help separate the necklaces and prevent tangling. Wider sections on the second and fourth elastic bands provide the opportunity to store slightly larger necklaces.




    *Jewelry is not included. For a list of jewelry brands featured in the images above, please see the section below labeled "FEATURED BRANDS". Otherwise, visit our Featured Brands page to view the complete list.


    **Patent Pending**



    We believe in collaborating with other small businesses around us.

    Thank you to the following brands for allowing us to feature their beautiful collections within the photos you see above:








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