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*MISPRINT ONLY* Ring + Bracelet Page

*MISPRINT ONLY* Ring + Bracelet Page


Designated tabs with snap buttons & soft, faux suede pockets are perfect for storing your incredible collection of rings & bracelets.


    The amount of jewelry that can be stored on our Ring + Bracelet Page will depend on the type & size of the jewelry you are storing.


    All of our a la carte pages are fully covered in a faux suede to provide your beloved jewelry with a soft, protective surface to lay on.


    An elastic band is available underneath the last row of tabs to allow any loose hanging bracelet(s) to be secured to the page.




    *Jewelry is not included. For a list of jewelry brands featured in the images above, please see the section below labeled "FEATURED BRANDS". Otherwise, visit our Featured Brands page to view the complete list.


    **Patent Pending**



    We believe in collaborating with other small businesses around us.

    Thank you to the following brand for allowing us to feature their beautiful collection within the photos you see above:







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