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a tailored solution to organizing your collection of beloved jewels


find your style

our carefully designed BOOK COVERS
offer chic & discreet storage

made to look beautiful when not in use
no matter your style or where you place it



customize your book

an integrated binder ring provides the ability to
          easily swap page inserts to cater to the

       needs of your unique collection of jewelry


Why BookofBijoux?

No two jewelry collections are alike, but every collection is precious & deserves to be treated with care. Our patent-pending design allows your jewelry to be safeguarded in a space-saving, custom-tailored, super chic 'book'. Flip through each page to easily view & access your jewelry - no more rummaging through jewelry boxes for that missing earring, spending your valuable time untangling necklaces, or worrying about your pieces getting damaged. When you're done, close the book & slide it onto your shelf or style it on your coffee table - it's that pretty!

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